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Wesel: On the way to more sustainable production

Last week, the new thin film evaporator (DSV) was moved to its new destination at our site in Wesel. This sounds unspectacular, but it is a further step towards sustainable production:

Similar to a vacuum cleaner that sucks impurities out of the carpet, a thin-film evaporator "sucks" volatile cyclic silicones and organic compounds (VOCs) out of the products, so to speak. In the case of the vacuum cleaner, the carpet is clean after use - comparably, the products treated with the thin-film evaporator are "clean" and meet numerous specifications in order to reach the customer as "green" products so that they can offer sustainable solutions.

Thin Film Evaporator DSV

The new thin film evaporator weighs around 10.5 tons and it is not an exaggeration to say that the placement required tact and patience: A heavy-duty crane had to place the plant in meticulous detail. This action took around 10 hours!

"Bringing in and installation worked very well, everyone involved was extremely well prepared," says project leader Juliane Zenger happily.

News | July 24, 2022

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