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Process additives for battery cell production Chapter 2: Challenges and solutions

November 30, 2023

60 minutes - online - free of charge - available in two different time zones - only in English

Lithium-ion cells have become an indispensable part of the modern mobile world, from smartphones to electric cars – here, BYK additives are of great importance, as they make the production process more efficient and ensure better product properties.

BYK additives are employed in many different use cases and applications. Today, we would like to share our expertise as well as discussing solutions and examples of use cases in the battery industry.

In chapter 2, we will dive deeper into our additives and give examples of different use cases of the industry. From dispersing LFP material to preparing CNT slurries, electrode or primer coatings and dispersing new materials for solid-state batteries, we will share some of our deep insights into the cell production processes.

Over the past ten years, BYK, in close cooperation with cell manufacturers and the battery industry, has developed an impressive knowledge database to solve our customers’ issues. These include agglomeration, increasing solid content, defoaming, and rheology questions.

Don´t miss the exclusive opportunity to:

  • Learn about challenges and their solutions in battery cell production
  • Find out about BYK’s capabilities and its role in the battery manufacturing process

Who should attend this WEBseminar?

  • Formulators
  • Lab managers and technicians
  • R&D specialists
  • Raw material coordinators

Examples and use cases from the battery industry:

  • Dispersing active materials like LFP or NCM for cathode electrode slurries
  • Dispersing conductive carbons like carbon black and SWCNTs / MWCNTs
  • Increasing heat stability of separator coatings
  • Dispersing of solid electrolytes in solid-state batteries


Thursday, November 30, 2023

David Pier

Global Head of End Use Energy Storage

Simon Wang

Sales and Marketing Manager End Use Energy Storage Asia

Session 1 (Asia & Europe)

Session 2 (Americas & Europe)

Welcome to our BYK WEBseminar

  • BYK introduction
  • Challenges in battery production

Session 1 (Asia & Europe)

Session 2 (Americas & Europe)

Using BYK additives

  • Use cases and benefits of BYK additives for electrode production with application data and examples
  • Providing product recommendations and solutions


Please feel free to choose the session according to your time zone. They will have the same content. Session 1 is for Asia and Europe and session 2 is for America and Europe.


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We will stream the WEBseminar with a software tool called Microsoft Teams. If you don’t have it installed on your computer, you can participate by using the following internet browsers:

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How much does it cost to participate?

Participation is free of charge. Streaming the WEBseminar can incur costs for the necessary data volume of your internet provider.

How do I cancel my participation?

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