at JEC 2021

High Performance Additives for Advanced Plastics

In order to exploit the full potential of modern composites based on thermoplastics or duroplastics, the use of special additives provides great benefits. They are even used in starting raw materials for component manufacturing. For example, in sizing they are incorporated to improve processing or bonding of the fibers to various matrix systems. When directly used in resins, additives can modify a multitude of properties. In the finished formulation, they can significantly improve or, depending on the process, even make some processing properties feasible. Finished components have better properties or surfaces if additives have been used.

BYK at JEC 2018

Our latest and differentiating product highlight is BYK-C 8013. It’s the world’s first solvent-free, polymeric coupling agent with a great impact on the mechanical strength on carbon fibers.

BYK-C 8013

As one of the world’s leading supplier of plastics additives with longstanding experience in the field of composites, BYK is your partner, working together to develop the best technical solution.

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  • Automotive

High-performance composites support long-term the current lightweight design developments in the automotive industry. Here, BYK additives, which can be used both in thermoset and in thermoplastic based composite solutions, play a key role.

Wind power

  • Wind power

Wind power is one of the key technologies of our age – already a vital factor in the global energy industry today. With its high-end plastic additives, BYK is making a major contribution to increasing the performance values of wind turbines and thus providing a further boost to the market development of this constantly growing branch of global trade.


  • Thermoplastics

SCONA modifiers for wood plastic composites (WPCs) strengthen the physical bonding of wood fibers in thermoplastics in order to achieve higher loading levels while maintaining excellent mechanical properties and good resistance to environmental impact factors (e.g. deckings, outdoor-panels). However, in glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastics, such as parts for the automotive industry, SCONA modifiers are also being used more and more to improve mechanical properties.

Standardized quality control

  • Standardized quality control

The key for process optimization
BYK-Gardner QC solutions for color and appearance control provide objective and reliable measurement data. Whether you need to control gloss, solid color or effect colors, innovative technologies guarantee excellent technical performance and visual correlation. “smart-chart” data analysis software supports you to set up a global QC management system with standardized QC procedure, tolerances and reports. Facts and figures instead of feelings!