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Foundry and Refractory

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with their answers from Foundry and Refractory.


The viscosity of my water based foundry wash is too high due to the solid content. How can I change this?

Wetting and dispersing additives help to reduce viscosity in highly filled foundry washes. DISPERBYK and DISPERBYK-192 are good products for foundry washes.

I want to improve the anti-settling properties of my foundry washes.

For water based foundry washes we recommend LAPONITE RD and OPTIGEL-CK. Both products will create a thixotropic flow behaviour in water based systems and improve the anti-settling. For solvent based foundry washes we recommend CLAYTONE-40.

I am looking for a high purity aluminum silicate product for monolithic refractories. It should have good binding properties and good green strength.

BENTOLITE-L3 and BENTOLITE L10 are high purity aluminum silicates. Their high purity makes them very suitable for various monolithic refractory applications. They show good binding properties and high green strength.