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New-style non-dusting associative thickeners from BYK

  • Innovative solid, non-dusting flakes
  • Biocide-free

Associative thickeners are typically offered as aqueous solutions and require the addition of a number of raw materials, including biocides that prevent microbial contamination. The case is different with solid associative thickeners which usually come in powder form. The drawback of their being powdery, however, is that dust is released during processing, so that increased occupational safety measures, such as the use of dust masks, may be required.

Innovative solid, non-dusting flakes

In this BYK anniversary year, the new associative thickeners RHEOBYK-7650, RHEOBYK-7670, and RHEOBYK-7690 solve many of these problems. All three products are solid additives in a unique delivery form: They are supplied as flakes that do not tend to form dust and yet are easy to incorporate into the millbase or into the letdown as well as a solution into the formulation. By using the new associative thickeners, the rheology can be adjusted over the entire shear range.


On account of their excellent product properties, RHEOBYK-7650, RHEOBYK-7670, and RHEOBYK-7690 are recommended for use in a wide range of coatings applications as well as in adhesives and sealants.