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Process additives for battery cell production - Chapter 1: Wetting and dispersing

March 22, 2023

60 minutes - online - free of charge

The WEBseminar will be held in English by technical experts from BYK - 网络会议的语言为英文。
本セミナーは、BYKの技術エキスパートにより英語で行われます。- "웹 세미나는 BYK의 기술 전문가가 영어로 진행합니다"

Lithium-ion cells have become an indispensable part of the modern mobile world, from smartphones to electric cars – here, BYK additives are of great importance, as they make the production process more efficient and ensure better product properties.

In this WEBseminar we will provide an overview of BYK´s additive portfolio for the battery industry and will talk about our beneficial wetting and dispersing additives which make it easier to disperse conductive carbons like carbon black and carbon nanotubes (CNTs). This allows the production of homogeneous electrode slurries for an improved anode and cathode manufacture. The viscosity of these slurries based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP), lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxides (NCM), lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide (NCA), or various other active materials can also be reduced significantly. Besides, BYK’s wetting and dispersing additives are also applicable for the dispersion of ceramic materials like alumina and boehmite in separator coatings.

David Pier (Global Head of End Use Energy Storage)


New developments in our additive portfolio for energy storage applications

  • BYK energy technologies portfolio for electrode slurries and separator coatings

Optimize product properties and manufacturing processes for battery cell production

  • Wetting and dispersing additives
  • Improving the energy footprint of cell production

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to

  • learn about the BYK portfolio for energy storage applications
  • learn about the chemistry and working mechanisms of wetting and dispersing additives within batteries

Who should attend this WEBseminar?

  • Formulators
  • R&D specialists
  • Lab managers and technicians
  • Raw material coordinators


Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Speaker: David Pier

Welcome to our WEBseminar

  • BYK introduction
  • BYK energy technologies portfolio

Speaker: Dr. Robin von Hagen

BYK wetting and dispersing additves

  • Function and mechanisms of wetting and dispersing additives for electrode slurries including formulation examples
  • Use cases and benefits of wetting and dispersing additives for electrode production

David Pier

Global Head of End Use Energy Storage

Dr. Robin von Hagen

Head of Application Technology Wetting and Dispersing


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