Добавки BYK: лекции

В том разделе представлена информация по предстоящим лекциям и конгрессам и даты их проведения. Здесь вы также можете скачать наши технические статьи.

Milan, Italy
Anne Drewer: Surfactant-free (Pickering) Emulsions for Homecare Applications
March 4, 2020
Paint India
Mumbai, India
Adil Bilici: Maximum performance for easier processing
March 13, 2020
Global Coatings & Paint Innovation Summit
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Heiko Juckel: Formulation challenges and solutions for waterborne coatings in the Marine and Protective Market
March 27, 2020
Surfex 2020
Coventry, United Kingdom
Heiko Juckel: Innovations, or the newest additive technologies for waterborne coatings. Make up your own mind.
June 2, 2020
European Coatings Technology Forum
Berlin, Germany
Heiko Juckel: Functional Additives wanted as game changer for new waterborne coatings
June 17-18, 2020
EC Coatings Intensive
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Petra Lenz: Wetting and dispersing additives
November 17, 2020