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BYK´s OPTIGEL rheology additives are activated phyllosilicates for aqueous systems. The main function of all OPTIGEL products is the thixotropic stabilization of aqueous systems. Depending on the grade, a low to very high thickening effect and excellent anti-settling are achieved. They improve the processability and storage stability and provide anti-sag properties which allow for higher film thicknesses. There are unmodified and organically modified OPTIGEL types, whereby the latter show a high to very high thickening effect. As there are different types of OPTIGEL rheology additives available, it is possible to choose the matching product for various aqueous applications: coatings, adhesives and sealants, construction formulations, household, institutional, and industrial cleaners.
Wesentliche Vorteile
  • Rheology additives
  • Excellent stabilizing and anti-settling effect as well as sag control
  • Prevention of phase separation and syneresis
  • Stability of the gel structure over a wide temperature range
  • Improvement of processability
  • Modification adapted to the intended use
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