Adhesion Promoters

Adhesion promoters for coating applications are added to the liquid coating. After the application, they orientate on the substrate/coating interface and develop bonds both on the substrate as well as on the coating matrix. Ideally, a permanent covalent bond is created here, which significantly increases the adhesion of the coating to the substrate, thereby increasing its performance.

Adhesion improvement using BYK-4510

Control sample
2 %
cross hatch adhesion
test with adhesive tape
Galvanized steelSteel


Schematic mechanism of adhesion promoters

Schematic mechanism of adhesion promoters
BYK‑4500(Wet) adhesion on aged coatings, (galvanized) steel, polyesters, ABS, improvement in flexibility, hardness, gloss
BYK‑4509Baking and two-pack systems on (galvanized) steel, aluminum, glass
BYK‑4511Two-pack epoxy systems on metal substrates
BYK‑4512Baking and two-pack systems on metal and glass
BYK‑4513Aqueous epoxy systems on metal substrates

s/b - solvent-borne
w/b - water-borne (aqueous)

   ->   recommended
AdditiveNon‑volatile matter [%]SolventAcid value
Amine value
-28High molecular-weight block copolymer
BYK‑450980Methoxypropanol2929neutralized BYK‑4510
BYK‑451080Methoxypropanol30-Hydroxy-functional copolymer with acidic groups
BYK‑451140Methoxypropylacetate-136Copolymer with functional groups
BYK‑451260Methoxypropylacetate-56Copolymer with functional groups
BYK‑451320Dipropylenglycol-monomethylether-60Copolymer with functional groups