Rheology Additives: Improving the orientation of effect pigments

The orientation of effect pigments such as, for example, metallic pigments or pearlescent pigments, can be improved by the use of rheology additives. In addition to pseudoplastic flow behavior, higher elastic properties are required in aqueous systems. These can be achieved by using a suitable combination of additives or by directly using a rheology-modified wax that has been specifically developed for this purpose. Pure wax additives, special rheology-modified waxes as well as traditional rheology additives are suitable for use in solvent-borne systems.

BYK Additive Recommendations

Highly shear thinning layered silicate rheological additive for water-borne systems.
Used in surface coatings, household products and general and industrial applications. Also used to stabilize emulsions.
Synergistic benefits are developed when formulated in combinations with polymer based co-thickeners.