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BYK Additives starts marketing Personal Care additives on January 1, 2024

  • Increased speed of innovation and time to market
  • Direct link to customers and global customer proximity

The Care Applications business of specialty chemicals expert BYK is expanding its portfolio. Alongside products for Home Care and I&I, which are already sold through the renowned PURABYK brand, BYK is due to launch its own range of additives for personal care and beauty cosmetics from January 2024. This product portfolio was previously marketed by the sister division ECKART. BYK offers innovative solutions for personal care, that control sensory properties, gloss, stabilization, emulsification and flow behavior, which significantly improve the properties of natural cosmetics, hair care, shampoos, face masks, antiperspirants, nail polish and creams.

Time to market and innovative strength

BYK is growing in the personal care sector through innovations and hopes to achieve improved market access thanks to strong synergies in the product development of home care, I&I and personal care. Home and personal care are characterized by similar trends and developments.

This puts BYK in the position of being able to target new developments directly, engaging in the market as a larger supplier and a development partner in close proximity to customers. Its in-house personal care applications laboratory has direct access to the BYK Group’s global network of sophisticated R&D labs. In combination with our research strengths and our global distribution organization, this offers customers a significantly accelerated pace of innovation.

BYK Care Applications also offers solutions for personal care, home care and I&I. In these segments, BYK additives optimize rheology and are effective in deodorants, skincare applications such as creams and hair care products. They also help to protect surfaces and regulate gloss and matte finishes.

News | August 21, 2023

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