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  • Improved physical properties in polyamide applications with BYK-MAX CT 4275
  • Expansion of the BYK-MAX family for lightweight applications and higher thermal stability

Wesel/Earth City, October 1, 2022 - BYK Additives is launching BYK-MAX CT 4275 to the market, a novel, specially developed additive that can be used in a wide variety of polyamides - for example in the automotive industry. The optimized surface treatment and the unique morphology of the silicate provide improved dispersion and incorporation into the thermoplastic matrix while ensuring near-perfect exfoliation in polar systems.

The highly reinforcing mechanism of BYK-MAX CT 4275 improves, among other things, flexural modulus, yield strength, tensile strength and heat deflection temperature, while ensuring excellent flow behavior of the composite. This makes it possible to form thinner components and thereby reduce weight.

BYK Plastics Additives Thermoplastics

In mineral and glass fiber-filled thermoplastic composites, the additive enables a lower total content of mineral and glass fibers without comprising the mechanical properties; it is therefore the ideal solution for lightweight construction applications, for example in the automotive sector. In addition, BYK-MAX CT 4275 will also have a positive effect on surface properties, scratch resistance and flow behavior.

BYK Plastic Additives Thermosets

The new additive does affect the density of the compound, thus offering weight reduction. It is highly miscible and requires no special processing steps.

The innovation will be on display for the first time at K2022. Experience the new BYK-MAX family and meet our experts in person at booth Hall 5 / E17 at the world's largest plastics trade show in Düsseldorf from October 19 - 26, 2022. 

Detailed information on the new BYK-MAX CT 4275 is available here.

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