BYK Additives & Instruments

Floor Polishes

What additives can be used to achieve a matt surface with a water-based floor polish?

To achieve a matting effect in water-based floor polish, we recommend AQUAMAT 1400. Dosage should be between 5.0% and 10.0% based on total formulation. The product provides a uniform matt grade and avoids increased gloss due to mechanical stress (e.g. polishing). AQUAMAT 1400 shows good storage stability; no settling and sedimentation can be observed.

How can we improve the polish performances and get good filling properties without an increase of slip in a high-speed polish?

For resin-free polish systems which are used for applications with high-speed floor polishers (400-2000 rpm), we recommend  AQUACER 1021. The wax additive will improve the buffability, increase filling capacity and produces anti slip.

How to get good substrate wetting for a water-based floor polish without using fluoro surfactants?

For substrate wetting we recommend BYK-349, silicone surfactant, for aqueous coatings.
For systems with <5% plasticizer, we recommend BYK-3455 as wetting and leveling additive with a strong reduction of the dynamic and static surface tension and an improvement of leveling properties.
For systems with >5% plasticizer, we recommend BYK-3400 substrate wetting agent which reduces dynamic and static surface tension.

Please recommend a suitable additive for anti-slip in a water-based floor polish.

Our first recommendation is a polypropylen wax: AQUACER 595, PP wax types have a high melting point. The higher the melting point, the better the anti-slip performance.  Our second recommendation is an HDPE wax: AQUACER 506 or AQUACER 519. These wax types also have a high melting point and they therefore have good anti-slip properties. Next to these wax additives AQUACER 528 can be used. It is based on a Ethylen Acrylic Acid (EAA), due to the wax base it creates a stump surface which related into anti slip.

Do you have a recommendation for defoaming in water-based floor polish?

We suggest BYK-011 and BYK-038 as silicon-free defoamers. We have also had good experience with silicon defoamers BYK-028 and BYK-1679. Our Ecolabel defoamers are BYK-1611,
BYK-1617, BYK-1723, BYK-1724.