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Why are rheology additives needed?

Many liquid substances do not initially exhibit the rheological properties that are optimal for their application. This leads to disadvantages, such as insufficient storage stability due to settling of solid particles, sagging on vertical surfaces or limitations in processability (e. g. tendency to spatter during application). Additives are used to ideally adjust the rheology of a system for the application purpose. They can be used in low dosages to significantly improve the respective properties.

BYK, as a leading manufacturer of additives for a wide range of applications, also offers various products in the field of rheology additives. These are used to optimize the flow behavior of coatings and printing inks, starting materials for the plastics industry, adhesives and sealants, as well as detergents, floor coatings and lubricants. The construction chemicals, oil and gas, and foundry industries also use BYK additives successfully.