Architectural Coatings

Dispersing additive for inorganic pigments in waterbased architectural paints

We are producing waterbased paints. In most cases it is only white combined with tinters, but sometimes we need also iron oxide pigments. What is the best product?

DISPERBYK-199 provides a strong viscosity reduction in the mill base combined with an excellent pigment wetting. The color acceptance of the white base is very good even with universal tinters. The product can be used for Iron oxide pigments, also for transparent iron oxide types.

Floor coating

I am looking for an environmentally friendly deaerator for epoxy flooring systems. My coating has to pass AgBB.

BYK-1794 is a VOC free polymer defoamer with strong spontaneous deaeration / defoaming properties in 100% solid systems. In epoxy floorcoatings AgBB standard as well as Swiss and French regulations are fulfilled.

Wall paint

I have been using mineral oil defoamers for a long time. Nowerdays my customers are more critical and are complaining fogging and bad smell.

BYK-014 shows an excellent defoaming performance in various dispersions such as acrylates or VAE´s (vinyl acetate ethylene). BYK-014 is emission-free and creates no fogging. It is recommended for water-borne interior and exterior dispersions in a PVC range from 30 to 85 and it is suitable for a wide pH range from 3 to 12. Being quite universal BYK-014 works equally well in plasters and adhesives. It has no negative influence on yellowing, color acceptance or odor. BYK-014 is highly economical and easy to incorporate.

Water-borne VOC free coating

Our product portfolio is changing more and more to VOC-free coatings. We need an additive for a universal coating which provides good substrate wetting on solid wood, on primers, and on old coatings.

BYK-349 is a silicone surfactant especially developed for VOC-free coatings. The advantage of this additive is highly efficient spreading, substrate wetting and leveling. Strong reduction of surface tension combined with very low foaming tendency are the key benefits.

Waterborne system

I am looking for a polymer defoamer which does not need high sheer force. It has to be VOC-free.

BYK-1710 is a polymer defoamer with hydrophobic particles. The defoaming properties are spontaneous and excellent. The additive is VOC-free (<1500 ppm headspace GC) and fufills common directives. BYK-1710 is easy to incorporate, and therefore can be used at all stages of production process.